Double (XX) Fest 2.0 Profile: Close Enough

Close Enough by Kellie Powell, directed by Jessica Stepka

About the Play:

Fiona is an aging feline whose beloved owner has moved in with her boyfriend – and uprooted Fiona in the process. To make matters worse, the couple has adopted a new kitten, Prometheus. Fiona is interrupted from plotting her escape when the two  cats witness their humans in the act of “mating”…


Photo By Armen Stein

Close Enough was written for, and included in, KNOW Theatre’s 7th Annual Playwrights Festival, which challenges playwrights to write based on one of three selected works of art. Close Enough is inspired by the painting “We Are One” by Minerva Diaz, and was directed by Joe Brofcak. It was also produced by Love Creek Productions’ Brief Acts Company in November 2010, directed by Kate Daly.

About the Playwright:

Kellie Powell’s plays include Dogface, Bargaining, Collaboration, and many more. Her work has been produced by Love Creek Productions, Art International Radio, Hinman Production Company, and numerous festivals nationwide. Powell was born in Central Illinois and studied Theatre at Illinois State University. She currently resides in Greater New York.

About the Director:

Jessica Stepka is excited to be working the XX Festival again.  Thanks to the playwright for this fun little romp, her cast for playing along, and her little family for their support.

Don’t miss Close Enough, Opening May 3-6

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