Compleat Works Video Promo #1

Thank you SO much to Stone Soup volunteer Leo Garibaldi (Roosevelt HS) for creating a short, bare-bones and zany little promo video for SST & Sound Theatre Company’s upcoming production of The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)! Check out the video, and if you are so inspired, come see the show!

Taking the Stage at a Young Age

One Mom’s Story 

by Meg Hinshaw, parent & SummerStage ’11 assistant for Harriet’s Secret

For the past two years, our 9 year old, Caitlin, has participated at Stone Soup Theater. It has been a wonderful experience. We discovered SST through a blurb in our school newsletter, and decided to have Caitlin audition for a play, Snow White, the Truly Tall Tale. It was one of the best decisions we made. Caitlin’s Grandma Jean Doran Wellnitz was an actress in the 1930’s and 40’s and we were thrilled she wanted to follow in her footsteps!
Last summer, Caitlin participated in a SST camp under the direction of Eve Hammond. The camp had kids from ages 7 to 14. Even with this wide age range, kids became good friends. Each child was to audition for a part he/she was interested in and I was very impressed by the encouragement and camaraderie shown by the kids.
In this one week camp, which I assisted, I was amazed at how this group of kids could come together and perform the production, Harriet’s Secret. I learned so much from Eve! She used games and interactive play to bring feelings and expression out of each child. These were fun, yet useful tools for each character’s part.
If your child has an interest in the arts, specifically, drama, I would recommend SST for an educational stepping stone into your budding actor’s future!

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youth conservatory  programs.

Contact Education Director, Arlene Martinez-Vickers HERE

or by phoning 206.633.1883.

Getting Started!

Rehearsal is Under Way for

The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)

by Teresa Thuman, Director

     We have launched our first week of rehearsals and are having loads of fun!  We got the whole show up on its feet (no mean feat!) immediately to make sure we knew the technical/logistic needs of the many changes that need to happen very quickly.   Our amazing, high-energy and very silly cast, along with our movement assistant, Ken Michels, have been inventing many ways to make this material our own and to keep it very very current.

     We are also getting lots of good material from our set designer incorporating the graffiti art idea into the back wall of the set.  I am very excited about how that is shaping up as well.  So onward with the parade of silly wigs!!!


Compleat Works opens next month. Directed by STC Artistic Director, Teresa Thuman, and featuring performances by Matthew Gilbert, Patrick Lennon and Luke Walker, audiences are promised a fulfilling evening of book larnin’, wacky hijinx and deep belly laughs!

 Nov 4-27

Previews on Nov 2 & 3 at 8pm

Th-Sat at 8pm; Sun Matinees at 4pm

Sat Matinee 10/26 at 4pm

No Show Thanksgiving (11/24)

All Thursdays are Pay What You Will

Ticket Prices:

$10 = TPS Members (with card) & Preview Nights

$13 = Under 30

$16 = Seniors (65+)

$20 = All Matinee Showings

$22 = General Admission

Tickets can be purchased here

or by phoning the Stone Soup box office at 206.633.1883.

Double (XX) Fest 2.0: Submissions Wanted!

Double (XX) Fest 2011

Calling All Female Playwrights!

     If you are interested in being a part of an annual playwrights’ festival featuring women writers and directors, then Stone Soup’s Double (XX) Fest 2.0 is for you!

     For four years, Stone Soup Theatre produced (along with a team of directors and actors) up to fourteen original works in the Downstage theatre each spring, formerly known as “Outside the Box”.

In 2011, we tried something different, and the Double (XX) Fest was born! For three weeks, using both Up- and DownStages in April 2011, we featured short, fully-produced works, an all-female 24-Hour festival, 8 readings and 2 playwriting workshops, all showcasing exclusively the work of female playwrights and directors.

What will 2012 bring? Another 24-hour festival and kickoff party? Awards for the best of the fest? A critically-acclaimed headliner? All are possible, plus other tricks we may have up our collective puffy sleeves! But the absolute guarantee is several new, varied and scintillating new works by a host of talented female playwrights and directors. Submit now and throw your new work into the mix!

The Skinny:

     We are seeking original one-act plays (3-25 minutes in length), particularly 10-minute shorts written by women. Can be any subject matter with casts of both genders – must be written & will be directed by a woman.

      While we are interested in submissions from all over, we are particularly interested in the work of local and NW women. Special consideration will be given during the final tier of the selection process to those who are able to find their own directors/casts.

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for submission guidelines.