First Rehearsal


Photos by Armen Stein


by Jessica Stepka

Director of Close Enough

Hello Double XX followers!  I was thrilled when this script came my way and after last night’s rehearsal I am simply bowled over by the fun to be had.  I won’t spoil things, because you need to come see it to believe it, but lets just say that it is about a kitten and an established house cat trying to make sense of their lives.  If you have ever looked at LOL Cats, or made up dialogue for your own pets, this piece is for you.  I thought up some ridiculous alternate names too: Blanch Cattidy and the Sundance Kitten, Love Cat-ually, Of Mice and Cats, and Cat Trek IV- The Voyage Home.  My two lovely actresses are ready for the task ahead and I am excited to see where this process takes us.  My own cat has just weaseled his way into my lap as I write, since goodness knows the world revolves around him!

I can’t help but feel honored to be a part of a festival that is promoting such varied works from women playwrights.  I mentioned the project to a friend and his response was “Will we reach a point where works by women are so prolific that we won’t have these types of festivals?”  I replied “Possibly, but not before I’ve had my chance to help those ladies get their work shown!”  And the more I thought about it the more I realized he has an interesting point of view.  Many women have persevered for decades to bring work by women to the public.  In my own lifetime I have watched a struggle rage as we continue to try and carve an equal piece for ourselves in this world, and not just in the arts.  I feel that by participating in festivals like this that I am helping level the playing field one script at a time.  And to be honest, I don’t think we will ever reach a point where we don’t “need” a festival like this to help new works by women see some stage time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my cat is being way too cute to ignore.  Please come support the Double XX Fest, you won’t regret it!