Men Are People Too


Photo by Armen Stein

by. Norene G. Sterling

Director and Actress of Routine Procedure

Being a part of an all-female Playwrights and Directors festival has given me a new perspective of my own gender.  The audition process was quite pleasing because I was able to see these talented playwrights’ fantastic depictions of their male characters.  A great deal of emotional depth and complexity has been brought  into many of the male characters in the festival without cheating their masculinity or turning them into caricatures.

As a former bartender, I encountered a lot of lounge lizards and received many phone numbers that ended up in the Round File.  Sadly, I saw one female after another compromise what they really were to either “fit in” or catch some dude’s eye.  Often the dudes had money.  Sad.  Perhaps I became jaded watching so many of my own gender lower themselves daily.  What could they do if they chased something far more gratifying than the easy way out we are bated with by the media?

These Playwrights and Directors of the XX Fest have done precisely that and, guess what guys?  They can see you, and now so can I. We don’t all believe men are paper dolls with bulging muscles or techno-nerds with super-high I.Q.’s but no social skills.  You are sons, fathers, brothers, friends, and mates to the women in your lives.  For the female gender to stereotype you all is just as sexist.  Therefore, I believe men will also be entranced by and can identify with what they would witness at the fest.

It isn’t just about women.  It’s about people


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