More on Sci-Fi Tempest

by Eve Hammond

Director, Stone Soup‘s Youth Conservatory Production of The Tempest

Directors “blog”, Stardate, March 1st, 2012.  It’s hard waiting around all week for rehearsals.  You know that time in your life when everything seemed to take FOREVER…this is a little bit of what the time between rehearsals seems like when you are having a terrifically fun time directing a show.  You think about it, you post about it, you think up new ideas and wait for those hours of magic that take place between the walls of the theatre.  Looking forward to the laughter of students creating and exploring characters, doing theatre games (MAFIA anyone?) and talking “shop” with the rest of the talented production crew.  It’s kind of like waiting for a holiday…

When you wait for the holiday, regardless of what you celebrate, it’s all in the preparation.  You think of what decorations to put up, what food to cook.  As a parent I think about this all the time.  As a director, I also think about these things.  What is going to be the best experience for my actors, what makes them want to give up time and energy to come to the theatre every week and spend hours memorizing lines, remembering blocking, interacting with some very different personality types?  Is it the Opening Night itself?  Is it the HOLIDAY we look forward to?  Or is it the time and the process we go through to make it TO the holiday.  As I get older, I’m a little more convinced it’s the preparation.  Sure, Opening Night is a fabulous culmination of the work and the blood, sweat and tears (no not really, maybe sweat sometimes) we all go through to produce the show.

Ah, but the waiting, the anticipation of my Caliban coming in with yet another genius idea for another voice and body gesture that makes his lines OH so much more enjoyable, as if his last idea wasn’t genius to begin with.  The breathless moment when my Miranda really GETS it, she gets emotionally involved and so do all that watch her from the audience.

TV doesn’t do this, it just doesn’t compete with the electric “friz” that happens when good actors lose themselves in the material and the real world fades and everything becomes shiny and new and….

Well, I only have a few more hours to wait until I get my holiday fix for the week.  Maybe I can put up some stage lights in my house, or cook something that smells like the concessions or open up an old trunk just to get that “old theatre smell”  Only a few more hours….

With gratitude to Dionysus….Image

Eve Hammond is a frequent instructor and director in Stone Soup Theatre’s Youth Conservatory Program. The Tempest runs March 23-April 1, 2012. Tickets can be purchased here or by calling the Stone Soup Box office at 206.633.1883.


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  1. Eve, you are totally awesome!

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