Double (XX) Fest: A Director Muses on Her Play Selection

by Norene G. Sterling

Double (XX) Fest Director & Actor, Routine Procedure

It has been both said and proven that one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth is a mother protecting her offspring from a mortal threat. In the animal kingdom, a bear, tiger, or gorilla would instinctually eliminate the threat—and even feed it to her babies—if that’s what was called for. Lucy Kingsley in Routine Procedure finds herself in such a situation: her son is dying and the company her husband works for “outsources” his job in the name of greed, costing the Kingsley family their health insurance. In a state of complete desperation, Lucy doesn’t even blink at the thought of eliminating the threat.

Step into our shoes - the XX Chromosome will show you how it's done!

As a mother whose asthmatic son has gone into a life-threatening state of respiratory distress twice, I have seen/felt his fear and pain and would have done anything to stop it. This includes an incident when a horribly incompetent “nurse” stuck my 4-year-old in the arm over and over and over attempting to insert his I.V. while my son screamed, begged, and cried in agony. Yeah. I was…um…on the verge that day and the “nurse” is lucky to have walked away—at all. Many other mothers have been in similar shoes. With the suffocating daily reminder of the gutter our economy is in as a result of overwhelming, apathetic greed, Routine Procedure illustrates merely one example of what’s happening to millions of other Americans. In this case, however, Lucy is a mom who has her own special way of…making her point.


Routine Procedure, written by Catherine Noah will be produced and performed as part of the Double (XX) Fest at Stone Soup’s DownStage Theatre this Spring.


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