Young Man From Atlanta: Rehearsal Report 1/26/12

Scofie filling in as Lily Dale!

by Carolynne Wilcox
Stone Soup PR Manager & YMA Cast Member

With the advent opening night looming closer and closer, we finally had our first stumble-through of the whole play last Thursday night.

With one cast member still out on the eastside with car trouble and another who’d just bowed out due to illness, director Maureen Hawkins made a few important announcements, gave some encouraging words and we were off and running.

Considering it was the first time we had run the whole thing, it went pretty smoothly – new character discoveries were made, some folks had scripts in hand, some were entirely off-book. Maureen viewed the rehearsal from many different perspectives in the theater. And our intrepid stage manager Chris Scofield (Scofie) had his hands FULL!

Many may not know this, but often, if an actor is missing, it is the stage manager’s duty to cover that role, whether in rehearsal or an actual performance. Thus, script in hand, Scofie walked through the role of Tom in the first scene, but really shined bright in the role of Lily Dale! We all had a giggle at the gender-bend, of course, and it was certainly funny to see Scofie walking around with a big white purse, speaking with a mostly spot-on affected southern accent.

The more important thing, however, was that, as humorous as it was, it was one of those steps towards building ensemble that is one of the big reasons why people choose to participate in theatrical production in the first place. One could look at having two actors with sizable roles absent as a reason to call off the rehearsal, but “the show must go on” and watching Scofie walk around with his purse bound us together a little bit that night, both the folks who were there as well as the ones who were not (“Let me TELL you all about the rehearsal you missed!”), signifying yet another important stepping stone on this journey of The Young Man From Atlanta.

Two more weeks till our first preview…what pitfalls and surprises await as we go forth? What lemons to turn into lemonade?

Etta Doris comes a-callin'.


The Young Man From Atlanta, Feb 15-Mar 10 in Stone Soup’s DownStage Theatre

Journey of a midlife couple struggling with financial, emotional revelations – Pulitzer prizewinner for Drama (1995) from the Academy Award-winning Horton Foote (Tender Mercies), dubbed “The American Chekhov, simple but deep.”(Robert Duvall)

Tix & more info available at 206.633.1883 or online at Stone Soup Theatre and Brown Paper Tickets



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