Double (XX) Fest 2.0 Selections Made!


We ended up with 321 plays total (a HEFTY reading feat for our tiny theatre) – narrowed that down to 67 finalists and out of that list were able to accommodate 18 total pieces for our festival this year. Competition was pretty stiff – congratulations to all who submitted and thank you SO much to our readers without whom we could NOT have made our selections in a mostly timely manner…it was the SNOW that prevented us from getting the word out on Jan 20th!

We were also able to pick a couple of alternates if, for some reason, we are unable to produce any of our initial selections.Plays will be running either the weekend of 4/26-29 or 5/3-6 2012 – let the games begin!


Just a Bus Driver by Susan Middaugh, Director: Katie Haster

Blatant Honesty by Catherine Blake Smith, Director: Catherine Blake Smith

The Cleaners by Lindsay Joy Murphy, Director: Lenore Bensinger

Champagne by Britain Valenti, Director: Rebecca Parker-O’Neil

Residue by Susan Sher, Director: Karen Gath McClain

A Gun on the Table by Margy Ragsdale, Director: Zanne Gerard

Smell of Snow by Machelle Allman, Director: Rachel Delmar

Recalculating by L.E. Grabowski-Cotton, Director: Glynis Mitchell

Seen.On.Unseen.The.Lost by Evelyn Jean Pine, Director: Katie Haster

Waiting for the Southwest Chief by Nikala Merrigan, Director: Tina Polzin

Routine Procedure by Catherine Noah, Director: Norene Sterling

It’s Not Really Suicide by Persephone Vandegrift, Director: Julianne Christie

Black Coffee by Deanna Alisa Ableser, Director: Catherine Blake Smith

Close Enough by Kellie Powell, Director: Jessica Stepka

The Bridge by Kate McCamy, Director: Glynis Mitchell

Streakers by Deborah Yarchun, Director: Courtney Meaker

The Best Things In Life Are Money by Megan Cohen, Director: Kaitie Huffman

Saving Deshawn by Emily Kaye Lazzaro, Kaytlin McIntyre


The Tango by Gretchen Smith AND Ice Brothers by Libby Heily

Thanks to all readers:

Norene Sterling – Carolynne Wilcox – Maureen Hawkins
Kristina Hauptfeuhrer – Samantha Sherman – Jessica Stepka
 Katherine Karaus – Persephone Vandegrift
Kaitie Huffman – Lenore Bensinger – Catherine Blake Smith –
Rebecca Parker-O’Neil – Katie Haster – Kirby Lindsay

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  1. So excited! Thanks!!!!!!! Looking forward to the process!!!

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