For the Kids, TOO: Education Outreach Programs

James & The Giant Peach - SummerStage 2010

Stone Soup Theatre in Arts Education

by Arlene Martinez-Vickers, Education Director

As the districts keep reducing budgets, affecting Arts Education in schools, more and more schools are turning to teaching artists to provide their children with the arts education that will develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and appreciation for arts in general.

     Not by coincidence, our outreach programs have almost doubled in the past 12 months. Last year, Stone Soup Theatre worked with approximately 12-15 schools, running programs in 7-9 of them any given quarter. Currently, we are scheduled to run programs in 15 schools this fall, with another 5-7 schools who have expressed interest in having our programs later this year!

     Stone Soup has built a reputation for its education programs over the last decade and is embracing this higher demand for Arts Education by providing ongoing professional development to its teachers, ensuring we only send the highest qualified teaching artists to our schools.

Click HERE for more information about our outreach programs, and feel free to contact Arlene at or by phoning 206.633.1883.



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