Double (XX) Fest Plays have been selected!

After a 9-month submission/readings process (we received nearly 250 scripts!), we have arrived at our final selections for fully-staged one-acts in the DownStage during the Double (XX) Fest in April!

Female Playwrights and Directors lining up!

The following pieces have been selected:

  1. What Happens in Verona by Lea Galanter
  2. The Usual by Babs Lindsay
  3. Natural Selection by Cheryl Slean
  4. The Synopsis by Diane Sampson
  5. Porn for Women by Kirsten M. Scott
  6. Woman: Revised by Trish Cole
  7. Strike by Aoise Stratford
  8. Jinxed by K. Alexa Mavromatis
  9. Bastard by K. Alexa Mavromatis
  10. How You Play the Game by Diane Sampson
  11. Eve-Volution by Cynthia Rogan
  12. Annabel Eden by Amy Morley
  13. The Belle of Staten Island by Penny Jackson
  14. Vera’s Red Hat by Lyn Coffin
  15. Operation Sweet Dream by Suzanne Bailie
  16. The Wedding Ring by Rebecca Sue Haber
  17. Hypochondria by Deborah DeGeorge Harbin
  18. Landis and the Bear by Catherine Berg

Congratulations to those selected and thank you so much to ALL who submitted – it promises to be a fun first Double (XX) Fest! In addition to the DownStage pieces, there will be readings, playwriting workshops and a 24-hour play festival in the UpStage – stay tuned for more information!

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